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BMS Course - Building Management System Course

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What will you know in this course?

* This Building energy Management System (BMS) course is very useful for anybody who is interested in understanding and learning this system from a zero level till its full practical knowledge.

* More than 47 professional high-quality lectures, which will let you have full knowledge of this system.

* This course is for all engineers and technicians, either you are working as a contractor or a consultant.

* In this course, you will know the importance of the Building Management System (BMS) in different projects.

* Also, you will know The different protocols which are being used in the BMS system and how the different parts of the BMS are communicating with each other.

* In this course, you will know the hierarchy of the BMS system and how each level will be connected with the other level.

* The different types of switchessensors, and field devices are being used with the different MEP equipment in the project like ( AHUExhaust FansPumps, Fire alarm panel, Electrical panels…..).

* The connection between the BMS panel with the VFD and Lighting control panel.

Practical videos from our project to explain the different components of the BMS panel.

* Practical video from inside the workstation room of the BMS system.

* Many other practical videos you will discover while learning this course.

* Remember: The course is full of practical photos, graphics, and videos.

* You will have many downloadable files for the Building management system.

* After this course, you will be ready to work as a BMS engineer, or, you can work as a BMS operator. And you can lead the BMS technicians on-site.

More and more you will discover in this course.